Your business starts with a Domain Name

We bring your business online

We have made it our goal to bring offline businesses online. We believe that every business should have a branded website along with a matching email address; it says you’re serious. No matter what your business or project is, we offer everything you need to bring your idea to life.
Register your domain name, add web hosting and built your own website or let us do it for you. We’ll advise on the best domain name for your business and help you secure it. Based on our vision we design a well structured, search engine optimised website.
We can even assist you with writing convincing content copy and your online marketing strategy, in short, we help bring your offline business online.

Our Products and Services

Everything you need to be successful online

Domain Names

Domain names are the building blocks of all online services. We offer over 800 different Top Level Domains from all over the world. Browse the Generic Domain Extensions, Country Code Domain Extensions or New Domain Extensions lists and find the perfect domain name for your business or project. If you are not sure which domain extension to choose don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

Increase Your Productivity

Use your domain name for your personal or professional Email Address. Store, sync and share emails, notes and communication across all your devices with the OX App Suite. Increase the loading speed of your website and reach maximum performance with our Professional DNS Anycast name server solution. Let us manage your domain names for you, allowing you to focus on your business, ask us about our Portfolio Management Service

Improve Your Security

Our Domain Privacy service allows you to hide your identity and personal contact details from the public domain owner database. Protect your customers and any communication sent via your website with a SSL Certificates, essential for all online shops but also benefitial for search engine ranking. Secure your brand or trademark online with effective Brand Protection methods and stop third parties from impersonating you or your business.

Why Choose Octopoly?

We are a team of Internet industry veterans, having worked for various Internet companies around the world. Combining our experience in sales, marketing, telecommunications and IT we have developed a website structure and SEO system, which results in well-performing websites.
Our insight into the international online market and our branding, design and marketing expertise gives us the understanding needed to bring offline business online, in an effective way. We offer more than 800 different domain extensions, which means we can help you to boost your online presence in any country worldwide.
Our technical infrastructure includes an anycast name server solution, with 29 name server nodes around the world. Websites using our anycast name servers benefit from faster loading speed, close to 100% uptime end a high protection against DDoS attacks.

Free Mailbox

Every domain comes with a customizable email address.

Free Cloud Storage

5GB free cloud storage with every domain name.

800+ Extensions

Choose from over 800+ different domain extensions.

Domain Privacy

Hide your identity with your Domain Privacy service.

Support Center

Instant help through our domain knowledge base.

Free DNS

Use our name server with all your domain names.

Anycast name server

Maximum uptime with 50 locations around the world.

Local Support

New Zealand based domain expert support.