Octopoly is a domain registrar with headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. We offer the registration of domain names, the creation of websites and many additional extras and solutions to boost your business. At Octopoly we are very passionate about fantastic state-of-the-art websites, promoting small businesses and providing good quality service.

Registering a domain name and creating a website can be a technical undertaking. At Octopoly we want to give you a positive experience. Keeping the registration process fast and simple. We give small and medium businesses the tools to expand and grow their business online with an awesome website. Most SMBs are smart and flexible but can be underestimated and overlooked. Octopoly is going to change that!

Why “octopoly”, why the octopus? Let us explain. Octopuses are very adaptive, smart and versatile but also underestimated creatures, somewhat the outsiders of the marine world. This is how we see ourselves a tiny bit as well. The “poly” on the other hand, stands for the diversity of our products and services and for the relationship the Pacific Region has with the omnipresent, enriching and wonderful Polynesian culture.


Daniel started his career at a major European Internet Service Provider. After gaining expertise about the technical side of the business, he joined the sales team and spent the following years managing customer accounts and driving new business.

Daniel was headhunted and offered relocation to Luxembourg to join another domain registrar as Director of Business Development and later Chief Sales Officer. As part of the management team, Daniel gained deep insight into the administrative side, learning how to run a successful domain registrar. He loves to spend time outdoors.


Tim has 15 years experience in the local ICT industry in New Zealand, and has operated IT companies in Canada and the US. Tim is the founder and former CEO of the .KIWI registry, which was New Zealand’s first gTLD registry.

Tim has provided services to the NZ Defense Force, United Nations Development Program, BridgestoneFirestone, and many other leading organisations worldwide. Having tasted business success and failure, Tim is a realist and knows what it takes to get things going. His free time he spends with his family, watching sports or going fishing.


Emani used to work for the Government of Niue’s Information Systems. He then branched out to the private sector in the late 1990s and helped to grow the first ISP on Niue to be the main and largest Internet provider on the island.

For years, he has been an advocate to improve the Internet connectivity and affordability among the Pacific islands. His involvement in Internet governance within the region and participation in ICANN meetings around the world have helped represent the interests of the local Internet societies.


You can’t have a successful business without great customers and we are proud to host
some of the most amazing customers at Octopoly. Here’s what our customers have to say.

Big thanks to the Octopoly team. They overhauled and redesigned our outdated website. We get much more visitors since the relaunch. They also helped us to write SE optimised content, which makes us rank on page 1 or 2 of Google for our most important keywords. Thanks guys, good job!

Giri Nayak // nuffieldstreetcafe.co.nz

I just like to say a huge thanks to octopoly.com for developing my web page which has resulted in a huge increase in orders taken. I have always found them very helpful in servicing the website which has never failed me or gone out of service. Thanks so much for the awesome service, you are always here to help me and I appreciate it very much.

Jara Delights // jaradelights.co.nz

Working with Octopoly has been a very refreshing experience. They carefully listened to us, took our requirements and used their skill to produce a website we are ecstatic with! This is just what we needed as we go into our new season.

The NZ Bobsled Team // nzbobsled.org

The Octopoly team were able to capture our concepts, made great suggestions and delivered a site we are extremely happy with. They have been very responsive and reliable in supporting ongoing requirements.

Jon King // benmore.net

It was a pleasure working with Octopoly. They are really easy to work with. I especially appreciate the founder being so patient, flexible, and responsive. There are so many details in a website, which makes it hard to communicate everything. Octopoly makes the process easy, transparent, and efficient. They provide you their professional advice, and help you fix the problems in a timely manner. We would love to work with this company for a longer period to keep our website updated, professional, and attractive.

Gladys Lai // aiesec.org.nz

Octopoly has been a pleasure to work with. They made the whole process of designing and settings up my website seem as easy as pie, even though I threw a few unusual, technical requests their way. They’re adaptable, professional and know how to make one heck of a good website. Also their communication is exemplary, with prompt responses to emails, providing me with virtually immediate assistance and expert advice.

Nathan // piesenpai.com

Octopoly Team Graphic