DNS Infrastructure

We provide our customers with a full Domain Name System (DNS) including four free name servers, which they can use for all their domain names. Name servers function as address books. They store the information about where a website is hosted and link the domain names to IP addresses. This is done because it’s easier for humans to read and remember a domain name than it is to read and remember an IP address.

For example, when a user types “octopoly.com” into their browser, the name server knows that the content of our website is located on our server with IP address “” and forwards the user to it. Instead of remembering the long IP address, the user only has to remember the domain name and the name server remembers on which server and IP address the content can be found.

DNS Infrastructure Features

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  • Edit and manage the nameserver and zones in your account
  • Forward URLs and emails with a few clicks
  • Our name servers support IPv4 as well as IPv6
  • Automated zone file backups and role-back function
  • Restore zone profile snapshot with one-click
  • Anycast name servers for free with all domains
  • Zone check tool to verify correct configuration of zone files

Why do I need multiple name servers

Name servers store important technical information in the zone files and play an essential role in the functioning of various online services. They contain for example the Mail Exchange (MX) records, which tell the mail server the location of the email recipient, needed for personalised email addresses.

If too many people and services query the name servers at the same time, it can result in slower loading websites. This can be avoided by distributing the queries equally between multiple name servers. The industry standard are two name servers per domain name. At Octopoly we go one step further and offer four name servers, one of which is even an Anycast name server.

Anycast name servers based upon a network of name servers that consist of multiple combined name server nodes around the world. Queries are always sent to the closest name server, resulting in maximum availability, faster loading speed and an overall better user experience.

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Professional DNS  

Upgrade your domains from 4 to 29 Anycast name servers for maximum performance.

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