.KR Pricing*

Setup Fee $ 0.00
Anual Fee $ 164.00 1 year minimum
Renewal Fee $ 164.00 1 year minimum
Update Fee $ 62.00
Trade Fee $ 0.00
Transfer Fee $ 164.00
Reactivation Fee $ 40.00 + 1 Renewal Fee

*All prices quoted are in NZD and exclusive of GST.

.KR Details

Domain length 3 - 63 characters
Numbers allowed
Hyphen allowed
IDN not allowed
Minimum Subscription 1 year
Minimum Renewal Period 1 year
Registration delay 1-3 days

Register .KR Domain Name

Although it may be known for one of the world's most militarised physical borders, South Korea can be connected with online with a .KR domain extension on the world wide web. A country code domain name, the .KR extension has no restrictions on its use and can be registered by businesses, charitable organisations or individuals wanting to connect with the South Korean population of over 50 million people.

Known for their technologically advanced and innovative activities in Seoul, that contrast with the ancient cherry trees and Buddhist temples, or the coastal fishing villages, South Korea is a diverse nation with a high-income economy. As the most industrialised member of the OECD, and a strong partner for international trade, South Korea is a good place to build your brand and promote your business, so register a .KR domain today.

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