.NET Domain Name

Every .NET domain name registered with Octopoly comes
with a personalised email address and cloud storage .

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.NET Pricing

Setup Fee $ 0.00
Anual Fee $ 20.00 1 year minimum
Renewal Fee $ 20.00 1 year minimum
Update Fee $ 0.00
Trade Fee $ 0.00
Transfer Fee $ 20.00
Reactivation Fee $ 40.00 + 1 Renewal Fee

.NET Format & Details

Domain length 2 - 63 characters
Numbers allowed
Hyphen allowed
IDN allowed
Minimum Subscription 1 year
Minimum Renewal Period 1 year
Registration delay 1-3 days

Why register a .NET Domain Name

Like many of the other popular website domain extensions, .NET has long moved on from its original intention, which was to delineate organisations that were engaged in networking activities, such as telecommunications or internet service providers. In actual fact, its use far transcends these types of websites, with a variety of organisations, businesses and people using the .NET domain extension to mark their online presences.

Decades on from the launch of the .NET extension, many people no longer remember or know that it was originally intended as a shortened version of the word 'network', instead thinking it has evolved from the abbreviated, colloquial word for the internet - the 'net'.

Because a .NET domain name has no restrictions, its value and popularity continues to grow with all sorts of online businesses. .NET is a common choice when the .COM version of a domain is not available, however it certainly shouldn't be seen as the 'poor cousin', as internet users trust .NET sites due to its staying power.

.NET Requirements