Brand Protection

While the huge amount of new domain extensions provides users with more choice, it results at the same time in an increase of fraudulent activities. With over 1500 domain extensions available, it has become more and more difficult for companies to monitor their brand online and protect their customers from fraudulent abuse.

Shutting down and recovering a fraudulently used domain name, can be costly and depending on the country of operation of the fraudster, it’s sometimes impossible due to flawed local legal systems. Fraud prevention saves trademark holders time and resources and is always favoured over recovery from reputational damage. The combination of TMCH and DPML offers any concerned company and trademark holder the best possible protection from phishing, fraud and trademark infringement.

These brand protection solutions require some clarification and further details from our customers. Please use the contact form to ask about brand protection or gives us a call.

TMCH (Trademark Clearinghouse)

The Trademark Clearinghouse is a project operated in collaboration with ICANN, the highest Internet authority. Registering a trademark with TMCH helps the trademark holder to protect and monitor their trademark through a combination of interlinking functions.

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$ 249 / year

Sunrise Services

This function allows them to register their brand name under any of the new extensions before the extension is opened to the general public. This means that trademark owners can decide long before everyone else, if they wish to secure their brand name under the respective new extension.

Claims Notice

Within the first 90 days after the launch of any new generic extension, people who try to register a name that is registered in the TMCH database, will see a notification/warning that they are about to register a name over which somebody else holds the rights. They are advised to stop the registration process in case they are not the legitimate owner of the trademark. This reduces the amount of fraudulent registrations by third parties significantly.

Claims Notifications

In case the Claims Notice does not stop the fraudster from registering the name, the trademark holder will receive an email from our system showing the IP address from which the order was sent as well as the contact information of the person who registered the domain. All this information helps when taking legal action. The Claims Notifications service is continued without time limit, as long as the registration with TMCH exists and is being renewed.

DPML (Domains Protected Marks List)

The DPML is a special brand protection service offered by, Donuts and Rightside, two of the new domain registries. The DPML builds on the TMCH service and can only be ordered and remain active as long as the respective trademark has an active TMCH registration.

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$ 3900 / 5 years

Complete Block

The DPML allows trademark holders to completely block their brand name under the 200+ new generic extensions managed by the two registries, Donuts and Rightside.

It’s then impossible for any third party to register a domain with their brand name under any of the covered extensions. Only the holder of the trademark has the right to request the removal of the lock in order to register their name. This has to be done on an extension-to-extension basis.

Most Economic

For big companies that want to secure their trademark under as many extensions as possible, it’s more economic to protect their brand via the DPML than to register it under every single one of the extensions.

The DPML prevents third parties from using their brand for fraudulent activities but still enables the trademark holder to use the domain themselves if they wish to do so.

Together with the TMCH, Trademark holders can achievew with the DPML maximum coverage and protection but retain the right to register their brand name under any of the covered extensions. Please see the DPML extensions list.

Brand Protection Features

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  • Prevent your brand being used for fraud and phishing
  • Get notified if a third party registers your brand
  • Keep track of fraudulently registered domains
  • Secure your intellectual property online
  • Prevent your trademark from being used for scams
  • Show that you have the authority over your brand name
  • Block third parties from registering your name online
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