OX Drive

OX Drive is our email and productivity solution, which allows you to store, sync and share emails, notes and communication across all your devices. In short, OX Drive enables you to conveniently access and manage your files from anywhere.

Your All-In-One Solution

Designed with maximum efficiency and simplicity in mind, OX Drive gives you the freedom to work when and where you like. As a cloud-based solution, it is highly adaptable and versatile - facilitating easy collaboration, ensuring a smooth and streamlined workflow and giving you full control to manage your communication. We offer dedicated packages for various needs, starting from our 5 GB basic email functionality, up to a 25 GB reliable productivity suite for your business.

Cloud storage comparison

Average File Size
JPG image (~500KB)
Audio MP3 (~7MB)
Video file (~150MB)

1 GB = 1024 MB
1 MB = 1024 KB
GB = Gigabyte >
MB = Megabyte >
KB = Kilobyte

Basic 5GB
≈10,450 JPG images
or ≈730 audio MP3 files
or ≈34 video files
Advanced 10GB
≈20,900 JPG images
or ≈1,460 audio MP3 files
or ≈68 video files
Professional 25GB
≈20,900 JPG images
or ≈3,650 audio MP3 files
or ≈170 video files

OX Drive apps

Dedicated OX Drive apps, developed specifically for iOS and Android, make the use of this software a great experience - not only on computers, but on mobile devices too. Independent of which device you use, synchronisation occurs automatically, and in a cross-device way, whenever documents or files in your OX Drive are changed. Additionally, uploads and downloads on the OX Drive clients are optimised for individual bandwidth, mobile data and battery requirements.

OX Documents

OX Documents is part of the OX Drive solution and supports all standard file types, providing user-friendly editing functionality for all file types. OX Documents is a powerful productivity suite, including OX Text, OX Spreadsheet and OX Presentation software and tools.

OX Presentation

OX Presentation is easy-to-use software that allows you to create presentations on your computer, or on-the-go using your mobile phone. Achieve consistent page layouts with one of the many flexible templates, which can be adjusted according to your needs. Work alone or in a group, and your presentation will be synchronised automatically and can be shared in a range of safe and hassle-free ways.

Robust capabilities

Presentations can be accessed and edited from any device and changes will automatically synchronise. The final work can be presented locally or remotely, to a single person or a larger audience, by simply sharing the login link. OX Presentation even allows you to flawlessly integrate PowerPoint presentations.


Include your corporate or personal logo and graphics in one of the adaptable templates, or design a completely unique one from scratch. All OX Presentation’s templates work with a variety of different file types, allowing you to customise the slides however you like, while keeping the presentation consistent and well maintained.

OX Presenter

The OX Presenter feature allows you to show your presentation from anywhere by simply clicking on a presentation file. You can move throughout a presentation using your desktop computer, or your mobile device, as remote control - making broadcasting even easier.

OX Text

OX Text is a real word processing powerhouse. Boost your productivity and streamline your workflows, collaborate on documents with multiple people simultaneously in real-time, all while OX Text automatically tracks the different document versions. OX Text supports all standard Office features and functions and is compatible with MS Office as well as OpenOffice.

No Lock-In

No lock-in guarantees that all users collaborating on a document can always see and track any changes. OX Text maintains the original format of every document, saving all changes automatically whenever anyone stops typing. This allows several users to work on the same document in real-time.

Comment and Discuss

Add comments, make edits or ask questions from any device you want. OX Text will keep everyone on the same page, making it a great tool for teamwork. You can follow-up and reply to comments or changes directly in the document too.

Universal Change Tracking

The change-tracking feature identifies and records what changes where made to a document, as well as when and by whom. OX Text updates documents in real-time and makes them available at any location and on any device. The files are compatible across platforms and can be accessed and edited with other editors, for example MS Word.

OX Spreadsheet

OX Spreadsheet is a cloud-based solution that allows you to access and edit Excel spreadsheets from any device. The files will keep the original format, style and cell-values (including formulas) and can be downloaded and re-edited in Excel seamlessly.

Added Value

The clean and user-friendly interface helps you tackle even complex tasks with ease. You can share your spreadsheets with as many people as you like, independent of their devices, which is one of OX Spreadsheet’s most functional and powerful features.

No More Friction

A well-designed interface gives you instant access to smart features like carts, array and matrix formulas. All OX Spreadsheet tools are accessible at a glance, boosting your - or your team’s - efficiency and capability significantly.

Mobile Optimised

Being a cloud-based application, OX Spreadsheet is optimised for all different mobile devices. The interface and design scales to match the screen size of your device, guaranteeing a seamless workflow and allowing you to work from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Open-Xchange Guard

OX Guard is easy, safe and effective, offering maximum protection with PGP. It authenticates signatures and encrypts and decrypts emails automatically, giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all of your private and sensitive information remains secure.

Send and receive emails securely

The OX Guard PGP encryption ensures that all of your communication is safe from the interference of prying eyes. You are the only person who can remove the encryption, which means only you decide with whom you share your emails, files or information. Having full control over who gets access assures that all messages and files you receive are safe.

OX Guard with PGP

PGP uses state-of-the-art public-key encryption, with one key (the public key) being responsible for encrypting the data and the second key (the private key) in charge of decrypting it. You can share your public key with people, allowing them to send you encrypted communication. Your private key will be able to decrypt and read the data. Please note: the OX Guard feature is only available with the Advanced email package.

OX Sync App

OX Sync App has been designed specifically for Android to integrate with the default Android calendar, contact and task apps. This feature allows you to seamlessly sync your OX Contacts, OX Tasks and OX Calendar as well as all private, public or shared folders.

Build your mobile office

OX Sync App comes with every email account for users of Android 4.0 or higher. OX Calendar makes sure that you never miss an appointment or meeting. OX Contact will keep the details of all your contacts up-to-date and synchronised. OX Tasks will remind you of all tasks that have to be taken care of, so you never miss a deadline. OX Sync App makes sure that you can switch between your desktop computer, phone or tablet at anytime and that you always have access to the latest data version (OX Sync App for Basic, Advanced, and Professional Email).

Productivity on the go

OX Calendar

Add dates and reminders to highly visual personal or shared calendars.

OX Tasks

Create and manage tasks, set deadlines, and track overall progress.

OX Contacts

Manage your contacts with personal, public, and shared address books.

OX Mail

OX Mail gives you a customised email address that matches your website domain name. Many people use free email services like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail and there’s nothing wrong with that, but a personal mailbox matching your company’s name looks more professional and trustworthy. It helps with the recognition of your brand and leaves a good impression with partners and customers. Additionally to the email, OX Mail includes calendar, contacts, and task management, and allows you to share documents and files with your team or customers. You only need a single password to use all of these tools. OX Mail can be used via Webmail access, or with your preferred mail client via IMAP or POP.

Basic, Advanced or Professional

Each domain name registered at Octopoly comes with a free Basic email solution. If you need more storage space, additional security or advanced features, consider the Advanced or Professional email packages. The latter two include ActiveSync for automatic mobile data synchronisation. All three packages come with built-in- anti-virus software.

Octopoly Basic Mailbox Icon

Basic email*

$ 2.50 / month


  • Portal interface
  • OX Mail & OX Drive
  • OX Contacts
  • OX Calendar & Tasks

*One free with every domain

Octopoly Advanced Mailbox Icon

Advanced email

$ 4.90 / month


  • All Basic email features plus:
  • Active Sync for your devices


Octopoly Professional Mailbox Icon

Professional email

$ 8.70 / month


  • All Advanced email features plus:
  • OX Documents


OX Mail comparison

All three email packages are designed to enhance your experience and boost your productivity. In case you are not sure which package is right for you, the below chart might help. Our Basic email package is included with every domain name and is the ‘go-to’ solution for performing simpler tasks. If you need more flexibility and have to manage more challenging tasks, the Advanced package should serve you well. The Professional email package includes all features and gives you maximum functionality, making it the right solution for most businesses and heavy users of digital communication.

An email package for every need

Independent of which package you select, all three include a range of practical features to improve your productivity and user experience. OX Mail combines robust, built-in anti-virus protection with performance-enhancing task management tools. This combination of security features, with add-ons and apps that maximise your efficiency and productivity, make OX Mail to a great all-in-one solution for your day-to-day communications.

Basic Advanced Professional
Price per month $ 2.50 $ 4.90 $ 8.70
Mail Storage 5GB 10GB 25GB
Cloud Storage 5GB 10GB 25GB
OX Documents
OX Sync
OX Drive & Client App
OX Calendar
OX Contacts
OX Tasks
Portal Interface
Unlimited aliases & catch-all
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