Portfolio Management

This service is designed for customers who have a portfolio of domain names for their business or company and don´t have the experience or the time to manage their domains themselves. The portfolio management service allows you to outsource the complete management of your domains to us.

We will manage your domain portfolio and realise all domain related tasks for you, from registering new domain names, including updating existing ones to deleting domain names when they are no longer needed. You simply let us know by email or phone and we’ll take care of it. We’ll let you know if changes have to be made that require your assistance.

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$ 49 / month
minimum fee

Portfolio Management Features

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  • Our domain experts will manage your domains for you
  • We will register, renew and update your domain names
  • Let us handle the technical aspects and settings
  • Instruct us by phone or email about changes to be made
  • Dedicate your valuable time to grow your business
  • Never worry about the technical side of the business again
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