VIP Support

Our standard support is fast and reliable, we answer all support requests in a timely fashion during our office hours. The VIP support is for our customers who need immediate help at all times including extended support hours. VIP support also covers the weekend.

VIP support users get an emergency phone number and a dedicated email address, answered by our dedicated VIP support staff. This reduces the waiting time to a minimum and can be essential for customers who need an additional safeguard. For example, if you plan to make major changes to your website or launch a new marketing campaign, and expect an increase in traffic.

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$ 299 / month

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VIP Support Features

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  • Dedicated support manager, available 24/7
  • Support requests prioritised to avoid waiting times
  • Receive a personal support email address
  • Gain access to a high-priority support hotline
  • Brand management advice from industry experts
  • All urgent matters solved fast and reliable
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