Friends and Fans Domain Discounts

To reward our loyal customers we’ve come up with the following proposal.
Invite a friend and you will both get a 10% discount!

  • 1Enter your and your friends email address below
    and use the "Send Invite" button.

    Your friend will receive a 10% discount voucher!

  • 2As soon as your friend has created an account
    with Octopoly and submitted their first order;

    You will receive a 10% discount voucher!

  • Once you’ve invited 10 friends, you’ll get a 5%
    lifetime discount and 10% after 20 friends.

Thank you, your email has been sent.

If you have any questions, please contact us or read the details in our Friends & Fans Referral programme section in our Terms & Conditions.

Octopoly Friends, Fans and Referral Scheme Graphic