Online Security

The positive development of more people having access to the Internet, comes unfortunately with the down-side of increasing numbers of fraudsters, identity thieves and scammers that try to enrich themselves at the expense of others.

Online Security and protecting one’s identity and assets, whether personal or professional, plays an increasingly important role in everyday life. With so many cheap, easy to use and simple solutions available, there’s no excuse for not protecting yourself, your online business and your customers from fraud and phishing attempts and scams.

Recovering from reputational and financial damage can be a long and expensive process and is often impossible. Better safe than sorry; ensure you’re covered with the right security products and services, to protect your identity online:

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Domain Privacy

Hide your identity and personal contact details from the public domain owner database.

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SSL Certificates

Essential for online shops and all websites that ask customers to enter their payment details.

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Domain Lock


A security solution provided by some registries that locks your domain name.



Lock Domain Details
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Brand Protection

Secure your brand online with proven state-of-the-art brand protection methods.

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Two-Step Verification

Protection starts with your domain account. Our control panel includes a two-step verification (TSV) process (also known as Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)). The TSV adds an additional step to the login process; a passcode sent to your mobile phone, meaning that only you have access. Without your mobile phone and the passcode, no unauthorised person can login to your domain account and hi-jack your domains or domain portfolio.

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