Domain Lock

Lock Your Domain Names

The Domain Lock is a special service provided by some registries which allows to put your domain name in a high security state at registry level. This means that changes or updates are not permissible unless verified by the owner and the domain name unlocked.
The Domain Lock prevents domain hi-jacking as well as economic damages through an outage caused by accidental change of nameserver settings. This is particularly important for online stores and websites that sell products or services. Be on the safe side and lock your most valuable domain names. Domain Lock is available for the following extensions:
.COM / .NET / .TV / .CC / .NAME / .EU

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$ 19 / month

Domain Lock Features

  • Highest possible security for your domain names
  • Protect your most valuable brand assets
  • Additional Security layer
  • Domain name has to be unlocked for updates
  • Prevent your domain names from being hi-jacked
  • Stop unauthorized domain changes