Web Design

The Web Design service is the right choice if you want to outsource the creation of your website and let us take care of the technical side, which allows you to focus fully on your business. We’ll discuss with you the layout, design, look, functions and general vision for your website and create it according to your input. Our web designers at Octopoly will work on and tweak the website until you are fully happy with the end result.

We prepare for each website a free quote based on the input, feedback and requirements of the customer. Below are some examples to give you an idea of the potential costs of your website project. Please feel free to contact us, we are happy to prepare a personal quote for you.

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Simple Web Design

static website

  • $1500 - $1900
  • $ 9 / month
  • Up to 6 pages
  • Standard usability and features

For small businesses that want to present their company online, with simply a few pages like: home, our services, work examples, about us, contact us, allowing their customers to easily contact them.

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Advanced Web Design

interactive website

  • $2500 - $3900
  • $ 19 / month
  • Up to 20 pages
  • Interactive functions
  • SEO optimised setup

For businesses that want an interactive website, to engage their users and to present their products and services, using a lot of content to improve their search engine ranking.

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Complex Web Design

multifunctional website

  • $4500+
  • $ 29+ / month
  • Unlimited pages
  • Multifunctional apps and features
  • SEO optimised setup
  • Fully optimised responsive design

For corporate websites or online shops with various products and services which may change regularly; designed to host a large volume of content to increase the search engine ranking.

Web Design Features

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  • Unlimited growth of your site
  • No hidden bandwidth charges
  • We design and create the website for you
  • We manage the platform, domain and DNS for you
  • Our experts will handle the technical logistics
  • Save time and focus on your business
  • You provide the content, we do the rest
  • Unlimited storage/web space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Automatic website data backup function
  • Fast site-speed

Why use Octopoly for your website

The creation of your first website can seem daunting. Little technical knowledge, the cost, and the inevitable lack of time. We are here to handle the technicalities and simplify the registration of your domain names and creation of your website. We’re going to give every business the opportunity to grow, and then grow some more. Having an online presence increases your visibility, meaning existing and new customers can find your products and services and will lead to more business for you.

Good quality content is important for the success of any business. Ask us for the option to help you with the creation of the content. We can take care of that for you or connect you directly with a professional copywriting agency.

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